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358/2 Q&As
September 28th, 2012

09/28- 12:00PM EST

I'm going to replay Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Why? I have no idea. Call it Mugen Souls induced insanity. Call it masochism. It's probably all those things! Anyway, I continue to play Mugen Souls and Dark Souls PC for review, so I hope to have reviews for both of those in the near future. What are all of you playing?

On to your letters!

The Letters
Smackdown Quest

‏Dear Wheels,

What would a Pro Wrestling RPG look like and would it 8e as awesome an idea as I'm imagining right now?



This is an amazing idea with so many different possibilities. Imagine being able to do promos as your custom created wrestler with BioWare style dialog trees. Imagine being able to wander around back up until your match, talking to friends, forming alliances, and attacking enemies. There are so many different possibilities here, such as which Wrestling organization to join, custom sign design, and a crowd reaction system that would task players with either working to get more boos or cheers. Of course some of these things are present in your run of the mill wrestling games, but I'd suggest very deep and open versions of them, especially in terms of character development. I would buy this game!

PS2 Classics

Greetings Wheels,

Haven't seen any game idea challenges for a while.  Maybe I should try to think of one myself; however, that is independent of the purpose of today's letter.  Instead, my house has recently come into possession of a PS2 (we needed a DVD player, and figured why not get one that can play games too).  Thus, I am beginning my quest for games for it.  What games would you recommend?  (If you'd like to stick with the recent trend, you can make it a top 10).  Persona 3 & 4 are already on my list, and I have previously had the opportunity to play Odin Sphere (which I quite enjoyed by the way).  I like RPGs of most sorts, and have a particular fondness for many of the more unusual or obscure ones.  I'll even consider other genres if they are absolute must plays (although I am terrible at first person shooters).

Thanks for the advice,


Well I'll just start with the Jak and Daxter and Sly Cooper series if you don't have a PS3 to buy the collections. Both series are fantastic platformers and with high quality humor. I hear the Ratchet and Clank games are good as well but so far only have experience with some of the PS3 ones. Moving on to RPGs I'd go for some more Shin Megami Tensei since you enjoyed the Personas. Start with Nocturne which is actually Shin Megami Tensei III and a brilliant dungeon crawler. Then try the similar Digital Devil Saga games which have a bit more of a story focus, and let you develop a party of characters instead of capturing demons. The two PS2 Devil Summoner games are also interesting if a bit on the repetitive side. You can collect demons but you just control the summoner in battle who has a limited variety of attacks. I highly recommend Romancing SaGa, which very much looks like a SNES game pulled into 3D. It is a fine RPG with an incredible soundtrack as well. Final Fantasy X, X-2, and XII come with my high recommendations, though your tastes may vary. Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter is a unique and brilliant experience that I would call a must play (it's also very cheap).

Ar Tonelico 2 is a strange game with a strange soundtrack that is worth a try. I'm not a huge fan of the first two Disgaea games but you may enjoy them. The second .Hack series is very good, but quite expensive to find as well. There are four Suikoden games on the PS2. Opinions differ on if 4 is worth playing, but it's Suikoden so I say try them all! Radiata Stories is an odd RPG from tri-Ace worth a look, as is the other big tri-Ace release on PS2, Valkyrie Profile 2. There's also five Atelier games on the system. They aren't all great, but if you like the series at least a few of them should be to your liking. I think that should be enough to digest for now, but I can provide some more recommendations next week if you'd like!

The FF6 Phantom Love Train

I agree with you FF6 is one of the best FF in the series. FF6 was the first rpg i ever played, took me a while to actually learn how to play but I got it eventually. The characters, the story and how the game is played is just incredible. I agree with you 100%. To this day I still shed a tear when I hear Celes singing the Opera Aria De Mezzo Carraterre. I honestly wish Square Enix would make a full remake of this game. I've wanted that ever since I saw Terra in Dissidia. It may not be a good idea but I still think it would be cool to see on PSP Vita in 3D. Or I just wish the future Square Enix employees would use FF6 as a template for future games.

have a good day



I would love a full remake of this game. Seeing the opera scene in glorious HD would give me chills! The key would be making sure what made the original so great was maintained. So no extra lengthy cinemas, new characters, or major changes to the core gameplay. Maybe just tweak things a bit and add some extra difficulty levels for veteran players. I'm imagining something similar to Final Fantasy IV DS but with a lot more visual fidelity. It could be really cool, and get newer players to experience this story. Obviously there's always the fear that something could be lost in the transition, but I still think it would be worth doing. Just the thought of the massive ending redone has me salivating.


I still think Square has been dethroned by the likes of Namco, Nintendo, Atlus, ect

as the best rpg makers of japan



Well I'd give you Atlus. Atlus has been pumping out high quality RPGs on a smaller budget than Square Enix and rarely putting out anything sub-par. Persona 4, Radient Historia, and Devil Survivor especially are incredible achievements. Nintendo is an interesting argument, which I'm guessing is mostly based on the recent big RPGs they've put out such as The Last Story and Fire Emblem. Given RPGs aren't a huge priority for them that would be a tough argument to make. Namco though? That's an absolute no. They've put out some high quality Tales games for sure, but they've also published plenty of clunkers ( Tales of the World ) and botched the release of the Wii version of Tales of Graces. I would say Square Enix still outclasses the quality of Namco's RPGs. Sure people are more contentious about this topic, but they still put out many excellent RPGs. We can't forget the Dragon Quest series, which Square Enix has finally done some new things with in the past few entries. They may be outclassed by some other companies, but this doesn't mean Square Enix can't still make fantastic games.

That's it for today.

See you all next week!


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