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Wheelsgaea Dimension Q&A
  September 27th, 2013

09/27- 7:00PM EST

Welcome to another episode of Q&A! It has been a bit of a sleepless week for me (baby teething) so I'm a bit behind on everything. Still, Disgaea D2 review should be up next week.  After that, maybe something .hack related will follow shortly after!

On to the questions...

The Letters
Valhalla Sadness

@askwheels Q and A why does Valhalla Knights exist?



That's a good question. The existence of at least one certainly makes sense, but after two main titles and one spin-off that met with lukewarm reviews and likely equally lukewarm sales? I'm not really sure how it's still going. Someone at Marvelous must have really liked the early games. We can only hope the latest title plays far better than the previous ones because I'm really lost as to how it even exists.


@AskWheels How bad do load times have to get before they affect your enjoyment?  Can quick load times make up for other problems?



Well, I don't think it's necessarily the length of load times that affect enjoyment. It's the combination of length of load times and frequency. I would have no problem, for example, dealing with load times of a few minutes if the load times were very rare, whereas lesser load times that occur every time you load into a battle could be much more annoying. As for quick load times making up for other issues, I think this can help some battle systems that tend to be on the slower side. In general, quick load times will generally make any game just feel brisk, which is why Nintendo's slow move to disc based systems actually makes sense when you look at it.

Tales of TiTS

1. All/Any of your thoughts on TiTS SC localization.


I called it! Well I mostly called it. The fact that we'll also be getting SC on PSP was a pleasant surprise, but, like I've been saying, XSEED releasing the games on steam makes a lot of sense. What I didn't expect was the involvement of Carpe Fulgur. Great to see them working on it though, as they seem to be huge fans of the series. Of course, the future of seeing more games from this series in the West is still a huge question mark, but it's great to know we'll at least be getting one more to enjoy and see how the story of the first game finishes.

2. Which commonly used Tales plot devices/events do you wish would be eliminated from all future Tales games? Which ones are you okay with seeing again?


I'm not sure if there's anything too specific, maybe just fewer anime tropes in general that the series tends to overuse? As far as plot devices I'd like to see more of, I'd like more of the spirits, if only because they remind me of the Mana series.

3. Teepo or Tokunaga?



No question here, Tokunaga, always Tokunaga!


Q&A Crossing

What two games would you cross with Animal Crossing to make the ultimate life adventure game of all time?


Sticking with Nintendo properties, the first one I'd want to cross over with would be Mario. Imagine a life adventure sim in the Mushroom Kingdom where you can hang out with the usual gang and go off on all kinds of adventures using whichever type of Mario gameplay you prefer. My other choice would be an odd one: Phantom Brave. You can already sort of hang out with your created characters on the island in that game, so this would make that portion of the game a whole Animal Crossing experience, and would leave in the actual SRPG missions.

Why do video game characters never have pimples?


Probably for the same reason TV characters don't usually have pimples, people want to look at pretty people. It's quite disappointing and unrealistic, but what are you going to do? I hope some day we get some more video game characters that look like actual people, pimples and all.

There's an electronics store called Future Shop in Canada (owned by Best Buy I think) and occasionally they offer a $10 credit that you earn by buying a new release within a narrow window (generally about 3 days) after release. To use the credit you bring your receipt with you and you have to purchase a game that is at least $19.99. The thing is it has to be used in the next month (say October if you bought the game in September). How effective a strategy do you think that is to draw in sales on new releases? Why would you think it wouldn't be all that common a practice? Would the $10 credit on a game be enough to make you buy there within that window instead of somewhere else?



That credit would absolutely get me to buy it at that store rather than somewhere else. For a while, Amazon was constantly doing this with pre-orders, offering $10 credit and sometimes more. This seems to have worked well for them, though they don't seem to be using it as much. The restricted usage of that credit is a bit off-putting, but people like free money so to me it looks like a very effective strategy. Promos like this seem like a great way to get people to buy new!

See you all next week!

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