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  August 30th, 2013

08/30- 7:00PM EST

Today we have a very... INTERESTING episode of Q&A for you. I always said I take any and all questions! Anyway, with Final Fantasy XIV arrived and a review copy of Disgaea D2 (plus that retroview I've neglected) I've got plenty on my plate. With that in mind, Q&A will be taking a brief end of summer break next week, so you've got plenty of time to get your questions in.

Anyway, let's get to it!

The Letters
Tales of Tales of Xillia

(Silly) Tales of Xillia-related questions.

1. Would you want Sylph to style your hair? Or is there a person/character who is in dire need of Sylph's hairdressing skills?


I would! I mean, I have no hair style in the slightest, so I think Sylph could do something for me. I don't know what characters are really in need of some new hair styling. I don't think I'm the best judge!

2. Neck scarves/neckerchiefs or long scarves like Alvin's?


I'd go with the long scarves. Maybe it's because I'm used to cold winter months, but I've just always preferred the traditional scarf. I don't really get the shorter ones! Again, I'm obviously not the best person to judge anyway.

3. Are your Tales of Xillia characters wearing any additional accessories? Particularly, what is your favorite of the eyewear?


I didn't even realize there were additional accessories to that extent! Now I'm going to have to keep a look out and see if the game has monocles. If it does, you might as well rename it to Tales of Monocles because I will have them on my entire party. Are there crazy hats as well? Oh boy, this is not good, I am going to have an interesting party...

Sorrow Quest


Do you believe Nintendo at a future Nintendo Direct will announce localization's for at least Dragon Quest X, VIII 3ds, Monster 1 or 2 3ds?



I want to believe, but there is a feeling of uncertainty for a lot of these titles. I think the thing to keep in mind is that Dragon Quest IX did quite well overseas, so it would seem Dragon Quest VII would be a good title for Nintendo to push. That said, there were already a lot of RPGs coming to the 3DS this year, many from Nintendo, plus it's a large localization, so sometime next year always seemed more likely to me for that game. I think we won't be seeing any of the side titles. Not that the previous ones were exactly major busts, but it will likely depend on Nintendo's release schedule and if they have a gap one of these games could fit into. Doesn't seem like Square Enix will be publishing any of these 3DS games themselves, so we're left to the whims of Nintendo's scheduling. Really not sure as far as Dragon Quest X goes. The PC version coming out soon would seem to make it more likely to come out in the West, but we'll see. Square Enix (rightly so) should probably focus on getting Final Fantasy XIV up and running again before worrying about another MMO.

Regardless, I hope Dragon Quest fans get some good news sooner rather than later.

Playing Favorites

Hello, Wheels.

     I've been reading the Q&A's for quite sometime now, however, I've never written in. That changes today! Ok, on to my question. If you were to make a seven man RPG party from your seven favorite series...who would it consist of? For example, Soma (God Eater) could serve as a knight or Alice (Shadow Hearts) could be a white mage. It doesn't have to be from just RPG's, though. What makes this more interesting is it can't be any of the MAIN characters (Cloud (FFVII), Sora (KH), Lloyd (ToS), Etc).



Wow, that is a fantastic question, with so many possible answers. I think for starts I'd take on Adol from the Ys series to be my main fighter. Terra from Final Fantasy VI would be the obvious choose for a mage with a dash of healing, though I could also go with Celes. For a healer I think I'd go with Sapphire from Disgaea 3 since she has some fantastic offensive gun skills as well. For an all out tank, I'd go with Dante from the Devil May Cry series given how durable he is (he gets bashed over the head with a motorcycle in the first game like it's nothing). Lute from SaGa Frontier could serve as the comic relief and general moral booster of the bunch. The protagonist from Persona 4 would be the jack of all trades of the group, since he can switch personas on the fly. Finally, I feel like we need a thief type of some kind, so why not use Garrett from the Thief series? I think this party would do quite well. There are many other possibilities, so I think I shall put the call out to other readers to submit their own parties!

Rated M for MILF

Hi there it's @EricRPG from twitter, and I have some questions! About Tales MILFs! Do you have any favorites or at least ones you can spot? Here all of the ones I can think of, and some are a bit of a stretch.


Oh dear, I suppose I've always said I take any and all questions/commentaries! Given the fact the Tales series usually bends towards teenage protagonists, there aren't a ton of mothers to choose from. I really can't think of any so let's see what you've got!

Rutee Katrea - Tales of Destiny/2


This woman is one sexy lady, and she is the mother of Klye Aileron and wife of husband Stahn Aileron, and she only got sexier over the years!


Well she certainly rocks that short haircut damn well! Good one, since I mostly play Destiny 1 and 2 in Japanese I don't often pay much attention to the characters. I didn't even think about her.

Ellen Matthis - Tales of Xillia/2
couldn't find a pictures, but I would. And she's apparently into some kinky stuff based on some reading material you find during an optional scene in Leronde!


Really? Well that sure is... interesting. Going to have to keep an eye out for that optional scene.

Now these are a bit of a stretch...

Mary Argent - Tales of Destiny
Built and beautiful! Well, I imagine she became a mom after Destiny! She was already 24 and wasn't getting any younger, and she had a fiance!


Well I guess that's close enough. She certainly is a stylish looking fighter. I guess she doesn't show up at all in Tales of Destiny 2? I think more direct sequels should star the kids of the protagonists from the first game. Let's a game use fresh level one characters without seeming forced and keeps the emotional connection to the original game. Anyway, a fine choice.

Raine Sage - Tales of Symphonia
A bit on the conservative yet classic beauty side, with an interest in knowledge. Not really a mom, but she did have to raise her younger brother Genis by herself, thus taking on the mom role. Being a teacher, I'm sure she could teach some lucky guy a thing or too... 'wink wink'
here's a bit of fan art!


All I can think to respond to this one is "oh boy..."

Milla Maxwell - Tales of Xillia
Milla Maxwell
She's not really a mom so much as she's a caretaker and Gaurdian of Spirits, but that has to count for something! Also, who wouldn't want to have fun with a God? She sounds like the adventurous type, having read books such as 'Men and Women Beneath the Sheets'!


I'm not sure that really counts? Oh well. Does she really read a book called that in the game?

Well that's all I can think of. On to my serious question! Will you play Kindgom Hearts 1.5 Sea Salt movie game movie remix?

And that's all. Remember: "BE, ALL THAT YOU CAN BE, IN THE SEA SALT ARMY!"



I think I will try and avoid the enhanced cut scenes from 358/2 at all costs. They're going to be a few hours long, and I can't imagine them containing much more than a ton of the three main characters sitting around eating that damn sea salt ice cream. Who am I kidding, I'll probably force myself to watch just as a reminder never to replay that game!

Gahhhhh the memories!

See you all in two weeks!

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