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Tales of Luigi
  August 9th, 2013

08/09- 7:00PM EST

Welcome to another episode of Ask Wheels! With a new Tales game out this week there is plenty to talk about, as Tales is always a hot topic in Q&A. Dragon Crown is also out and the new Mario and Luigi comes out this weekend, so there is plenty to discuss! Don't forget, there is now a topic on the forums where you can post questions for me to answer.

On to the questions!

The Letters
Teenage Mutant Ninja RPGs

Which Saturday morning cartoons of old do you think would make a great RPG? Like 80's-90's.


I would absolutely want a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG. It's already got the perfect setup with a four person party and plenty of stories to work from so the story could go in a sort of episodic fashion going from villain to villain to keep things fresh. Each turtle could learn new skills based on his weapon of choice and differing personalities. Of course if four party members aren't enough, there's plenty of side characters that could be added into the game to sub in. If a turn based game won't fly, they could always do something akin to X-Men Legends. Whatever type of Turtles RPG were to be made, there's a ton of material between the cartoons and the comics to work with.

are you looking forward to Disgaea D2 at all? What do you think about the series in general?


I am looking forward to the game despite not being a fan of the first Disgaea. I started with Disgaea 3 and I've been a fan since then, going back and playing the first two games on PSP. I really like how the third and fourth titles actually made use of the additional power of the PS3 to greatly improve level design, something the first two games are lacking in a bit. What worries me about Disgaea D2 is based on screenshots it seems to be going for the level style of the first game with no geo cubes. That said, Disgaea 4 was great as you can tell from my review, so hopefully there's no level design issues. As for an overall view of the series, I think the series has a great mix of over the top comedy, serious story, classic SRPG combat, and an optional insane amount of side content. The first two games haven't aged all that well, but they were unique for their time. They don't provide the best strategy out there, but if you enjoy one of the games they can provide literally hundreds of hours of entertainment. D2 is something new story-wise for the series, so I'm curious to see how it plays out.

What's your take on the new Breath of Fire game that was announced? Good thing or bad thing?


Largely a bad thing. This isn't because it's a mobile game, as platforms like iOS are perfectly capable of making great games, rather its because it looks nothing like anything from the series based on the little we've seen of it. Even Dragon Quarter, a huge change for Breath of Fire, had several elements that kept it in line with the rest of the series. After such a long break I'm not sure how using the name for a game that looks like Maple Story is going to accomplish anything. Bringing back a series from the dead is supposed to evoke nostalgia, so why doesn't the design of this game do any of that? It's OK to bring it back as a completely different kind of game, just look how successful the new Kid Icarus uprising was despite playing nothing like the original. What that game did do though, is catch all the little nostalgic touches it needed to. I'm very confused by the whole thing.

What is the best game that involves a rake?

-lolwhoops (from the forums)


The only one I can think of offhand is the first Penny Arcade Adventures game, so I guess I have to go with that?

Tales of Sleep




Wheels why aren't there more platformer rpg hy8rids?



I think this is largely due to many developers not really trying to think outside the box. Largely the platforming rpg hyrbids we have gotten have come from RPGs based on platforming series such as the Mario and Luigi titles and the Castlevania games that could be classified as RPGs. Other titles often ape the Castlevania/Metroid style of gameplay. I'd love to see this genre mashup done more often in the style of the Mario and Luigi and Super Mario RPG games. Not sure anyone will give such an idea the chance though, so we'll have to hope some indy devs take up the mantle.

More Tales of Tales of Xillia

ToX question: Are you going with Millia or Jude?

-riulyn (from the forums)


Fanboymaster and I are each going with one of the characters, and my choice was Millia. That's probably the choice I would have made anyway. It seemed like it would be more interesting to follow Millia's viewpoint, given her status as some sort of entity of the spirits. It's worked out well so far, as she goes into combat within the first few minutes, while I hear it takes a bit longer with Jude. I'm not seeing what else will be different between the two viewpoints just yet though, as scenes where only Jude is present still seem to play, hurting the "viewpoint" idea a bit. Still, options are nice and I'm sure it will be interesting to see how the two options change the game. Everything else so far has been quite good, especially the graphics which have a great art style to them. I'm not really getting the "dated" description I've seen for the graphics in the game. Of course this is getting beyond your original question, so yeah I chose Millia and she's fun to play as early on when she's got all the spirits. I hope you get those abilities again later on in the game! I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on the game.

True Logic 2: The Sequeling

@AskWheels for Q&A: have you ever mapped out your ideal RPG? What would it be? What kind of setting, characters, mechanics would be in it?


A tough question, one I've never really thought about all too much. In terms of mechanics I think it'd have to be a turn-based game, either an SRPG or a Persona 4 type battle system. Setting I would something akin to Tactics Ogre or Final Fantasy tactics. Characters would have to be well developed and deep, but also not

@AskWheels Also, who was your favor character and demon in Persona 3 and Persona 4?



My favorite character in Persona 3 would be a tough one, as I didn't find that cast nearly as endearing as the one that followed it. I think I'd have to say Yukari, though obviously Junpei is fun as well. As for Persona 4 the answer is of course Teddie. That dude is hilarious! He was often just too much to bear.  Favorite demons is a tough call considering how often you have to change them, so my favorites would have to be some of the Ally personas. I was always partial to Yukiko's cool fire based persona in Persona 4 and as such she was in my party for most of the game. In Persona 3 I was partial to Yakari's Persona given I had her around most of the game.




My ideal Tonka Truck would be totally rad and would have a giant picture of the Ninja Turtles on the side! They're the world's most fearsome fighting team. I mean, when the evil Shredder attacks, these turtle dudes don't cut him no slack!

See you all next week!

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