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Scarmiglion - September 26 '00- 19:13 Eastern Daylight Time

It seems like my two days are over. It's a pitty. I really enjoyed this short stint :) I woke up this morning, with no voice. Blech. I'm writing the column early, then probably taking a nap before I have a AD&D session tonight. I'm all shivery. Brrrr.

Anyway, it's been fun. Maybe I'll do it again later or something :) Tomorrow, the other Rob, Rob Hamilton, AKA Chimerasame, will be hosting! Be good to him, or I'll find you and eat you ;) Send him good letters, darnit all! <|8)

Well, it's time for me to go fly back to the Editorials section. There...that should be enough plugs for now ;)

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Paws can!
In the PSX:
Strong + Fire == Strong Fire! Booyah!
I think I hit a chord ;)

Ok, I'm afraid I am going to have to stand up for Saga Frontier 1 & 2, since you blandly insulted them in your last column. First off, Saga Frontier 1 was a great game. It was really fun to play, but it was bogged down by the fact that it was too non-linear, and money was next to impossible, but besides that, Blue's and Red's stories were really quite fun. And then there's Saga Frontier 2! How could you not like that game?! It' sooo fun! The visuals are great, with the painstakingly hand drawn graphics, and the story line is pretty damn cool. I'm wondering...did you actually play these games, or did you just pick them up and put them down? Oh yea, everybody says tactics was translated badly, can you put in a bad translation quote? Lata, The "True" Alkaiser

Man, I knew this was coming. ;)
For SF1, I think you answered your own question. SF2 I played for not long, and I didn't enjoy anything about it either. I'm a person who, if I don't see something worthwhile early on, I just stop. I'm not going to read a novel if the first few chapters really suck. :)
FFT WAS translated badly. The grammar is horrid (like the now famous 'I had a good feeling!', to some of the sloppiest translation problems. I remember the first time I cast Lich. Chips the Summoner said the spell chant, and it said Rich. Without the chant, it's Lich.
So we have....
Lich - Rich, Cyclops - Clops, Ivalice - Yvalice
Sucks, no?

What I would do for a PSX keyboard...

Scar, I'm picking up RPG Maker up tonight. I was just wondering, since you've played around with it, do you have any tips to start out with? Is inputting text hard from the controller? Does it even use the duel-shock controller? Is it fairly intuitive? I've messed around with StarCraft's Scenario Maker and thought it was pretty tough at first, then I liked it. Is this sort of the same? Thanks, and I look forward to see RPGamer set up a forum where we could swap home-made games. -Red Raven, now waiting to buy a Dex Drive...

Sadly, I don't have many tips, other than this. Start SMALL. start with a small room, or something similar, when building dungeons. I wish I could tell you otherwise, but RPG Maker doesn't support Analog. However, text isn't THAT slow to input (it was faster than I thought it would be).
For the good news, I believe we will be have a forum to trade RPG Maker games. It could be in a forum, but it might be under Media Central. Watch for infomation on it in the near future! :) Oh, and a Dex Drive is like, manditory for RPG Maker ;)

One word review!

Yo, Scar!! ( I somehow thought that sounded cool, until I wrote it down.), Hey, I know you're writing a review for RPG Maker, I actually READ the column... But, in the mean time, how about a quick 'yes' or 'no' on the "Cool, but is it worth my money?," question. 'Cuz I think many of us are waiting for any decent review to go out and buy this puppy. Thanks!! Justin "Nee ha ha!!" Harwood

Okay. You asked for it. NO. Satisfied? ;)

I'm sorry sir..but that...also...has happened.

Hey Scarmigly,

Hee, I just wanted say that Chimerasame better be prepared because he's got like the coolest alter-ego I ever created. (If all this guest hosting keeps happening I don't know how I'm going to fit everyone into the comic because by tradition once you're in the comic you're in for good.)

Ah, a question, hmm, wouldn't RPGmaker make an AWEOSME PC game? It would be SOOOO much better. First of all, memory would no longer be a problem. You could scan pictures or clip them from the internet for profile pics. You could overlap MP3's, and the company could always additional graphics to download. RPGmaker should be a PC game.


I think I speak for everyone on staff when I say "Great work, Rad!" ;)
Actually, there is a PC Japan....and speaking of PC RPG kits....

How to Advertise 101

Hey Scar, If you're so well versed in RPGmaking then you should know of a site online that has probably the biggest archive of RPGMakers on the net. It also has tilesets and other such resources for beginners at RPGMaking. If you don't know about RPGMaker then for shame, may the wrath of Chthulu beat you with a rubber mallet, or something. If you're interested (or you think the readers would be) the address is yeah I know it sounds like a sort of plug, I work there after all, bwahaha! SpoonyBard

I know that site well. Some of the stuff on that site is pretty darn good. People have put a LOT of time and effort into building these RPG makers, and should get some credit for it!

Where's my tranquilizer darts again?

Scar, you are the man. No questions there. Anyone who can put up with the flame base that appears to be the Editorial section has my grudging respect. I do, however, have a beef with a quickie! "POCKY RULES!!! ~Loki" ...hey, he-HEY! HEY! Deceiver! I am Loki! Son of Farbauti! Fence jumper of the gods! Mischevious conspirator! Impaler of Thiazi! Deceptor of Svadilfari! Husband to Sigyn! Adulterer to Angrboda! Responsible for the death of Balder! Semi-responsible for the fall of Balder! Murderer of Fimafeng! Slayer of Heimdall! Slayee of Heimdall! (no that wasn't a typo) Rescuer of Idun! Mugged by Andvari! Captured by Geirrod! Theiver of Andvaranaut! Assume not my identity for ye shall fall by my divine hand! *clears throat* So I take my avatar status seriously, sue me. Just don't take my identity! Helmsman of the inhabitants of Helheim =Loki=

Thanks Matt, and next time, take a valium, eh? ;))


print this and ill laugh (i strike again!)

And I fell for it...again.

can you post this? i want to say hi to my friend!

Now...if you had only said you're friend's name, eh? ;).
Ever beat FFT and then try Ogre Tactics it is so hard because cancel in FFT, is accept in ogre tactics. It is so frustrating!!!
You bet. I had exactly the same troubles. What to do? just flip the controller over for one game ;)

I got PE2...then I cried... I hate Parasite Evil 2, or is it Resident Eve 2?
-The Red Oompaloompa

I cried too. It's Parasite Evil 2. My roommate read it wrong off the front cover too. I fell over laughing.

1) What is your name?
2) What is your quest?
3) What is your....favorite color?
~The Bridgekeeper

Rob Parton
To find the Holy Grail. green! AUGH!

You wanna know something? It's too much of a pain in the ass to remember what games which host has played. So why don't you do all of us a favor and merge into one omnipotent omniscient omni-rpg-playing Q&A entity?

Who says I haven't?

You were recently referred to me as someone who was ready for a CHANGE, a financial breakthrough, so I'll get right to the point.
I am the one that can help you make $125,000 plus this year from HOME with your computer and phone. This is Not MLM and it IS very REAL.

Yes it is very real. This is real too! *Delete*

You live in Parry Sound?! My grandparents own a cottage up there. I go there every summer too! (I realize this letter has no importance whatsoever :-) )

Hey cool! :) It's a great area. Lots of lakes and such. If any of you are around there, drop me a mail or something :D

Okay, Scar, what is the coolest magical item you've got? I just have to know.

Oh, that one's easy. That would be Paws. ^_^

The Last Laugh:

Man, this was way too much fun :D
I hope I can do it again sometime. But for now, Editorials is where I will be :) Remember, send your letters to Chimerasame for tomorrow, and send him tons of good letters, okay?
I'm off to sleep this bug off. Later, eh?

Scar "I miss you, Paws!"
Not right now, I have a headache!

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