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Scarmiglion - September 25 '00- 22:58 Eastern Daylight Time

Well well well. It seems every time I wander around the electronic halls of RPGamer, I end up wandering into another section! It's Scar again, RPGamer's resident demon. Googleshng decided to take a bit of a break for one week, so I'm here to fill in for the next two days. After that, Rob Hamilton will be here to keep you company.

Anyway, for those who don't know, I'm Rob Parton, the Editorials guy. This is quite a change of pace for me, but I love doing new things here and there ;)

Well, I have things I must do, so on to the letters!

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Wuzzup, my brutha?  Ok, since you're the RPGMaker guy, I guess I'll talk to you......

I've been hearing a bunch of release dates for RPGMaker for the US, but now I'm confused...... when exactly is it coming out?  And how broad are your choices for creating an RPG?  Can you make the battles any type of format you wish, or is it closely related to other games?  I actually don't really know what to ask, but I'm kind of curious about it.  Because, I have Blades of Exile (don't know if you've heard of it...... have you?).  If you haven't heard of it, it's a PC RPG.  I don't really feel like explainin' it, but the point is, you could create your own scenario with its Scenario Editor, but it's only limited to the graphics, weapons, monsters, etc. that are in the game itself.  Well, you could create your own graphics with Paintbrush, cuz they're all .bmp files.  Anyway, I just want to know something about the editing..... tell me as much as you want.  In fact, you don't have to tell me anything about it, cuz you think I'm annoying................... NO!  I'm sorry!  I didn't mean to say that!  Anyway, thanks.....


Yay! RPG Maker questions!  The game was shipped to stores last Monday (September 18th), although some stores didn't have it in stock until the 19th.  The types of RPGs you can create range from FFIV-type to FFV-type.  All battles are like a cross between the original Phantasy Star and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. You can't change the format.  My cousin has a copy of BoE, but I've never seen it.

Time to chlorinate the genepool ;)

Now that we've seen our mitachondrian warrior in the nude and everyone has at least heard about our tomb raider bearing it all, is it in our future where video game characters will be on the cover of Playboy, Penthouse, etc?  Can you imagine "Toadstool talks about lusting after fat guys" or "Megaman's female sidekick shows us her favorite weapons"?  Oh the madness of it all!

Our older siblings' video games exist no longer!


You's ideas like this that make me want to flee this planet ;>
Seriously, for some reason, I don't think it's that far off... (runs to a bomb shelter

Question Gauntlet!


1.  Just who are you anyway?
2.  Rpg maker?  Its out?  When did this happen?
3.  How is it?
4.  Any programming experience needed?
5.  How do you pronounce your name?
6.  In FF6, what time do I need to set the clock to to get the chainsaw?
7.  Wanna fight about it? C'mon.  3 oclock by the swings.  Be there or I'll tell everyone you're chicken.

Dean Graestone of the Epic City Knights

1) I am me.  Anyway, I'm Rob Parton. I do that thar Editorials section. I come from a little town in Ontario, Canada, called Parry Sound.  Hockey great Bobby Orr was born there.  Actually, our family knows his family. Small towns rock that way ;>
2) Read above ;>  September 18th (a week ago).  It wasn't hyped up much....
3) Watch RPGamer for a review very soon by Yours Truly ;>
4) Not really.  Just write everything on paper before hand.
5) The right way to pronounce it is "Scar - Migg - Lee - On".
6) Good ol' Clock.  The time is 6:10:50.  I still think it should have been random though....
7) You're on buddy. Oh, and at my school, it's 3:30pm at the bus loop behind the school. Get it right, eh? ;)

Who am I? Where am I going?

First of all, I have to correct Gin. Atlus's work on localization for Rhapsody was way better than anything Working Designs ever attempted. Not a flatulence joke in sight, and no slaughtered cutscenes, either! Of course, Square's work on Vagrant Story is the God of Localization Work.

Now for the questionlies:

1) Where does Chrono Cross take place, physically, in respect to Chrono Trigger? I haven't played it yet, but my friend can't seem to figure it out.

2) About how long is PE2? Estimated. Seeing as the first one was like, ten hours.

Okay, that's all. So, Scar, got any good Paws stories to share? ^_^


Eh. I like Working Designs. Vanguard Bandits is pretty darn funny. And yes, Vagrant Story's localization rocked.

1) I'm not sure exactly, but since the Porre army is around, I would figure it's southwest of Porre. That's my thought.
2) Everybody seems to agree, anywhere from about 8 hours to about 15.

Paws stories?  Well, since we're both Canadian, I'm afraid my stories are classified information.  But next week, I'm going back home to see her. Can't wait!!!!

Question Gauntlet Counterattacked!

Greetings Scar. Got some questions for you.
1.Don't you hate it when game sequels  don't live up to their predecessors?
2.Is Legend Of Dragoon as bad as everyone seems to say it is?
3.What do you think of Rhapsody?
4.How come there is not Super Adventure Island 2 on your game list? I figure it would go as an action/adventure RPG.
Thanks for your time.

 - Aoshi19

1) Yes. I hate when that happens.  PE2 is like that, and even Saga Frontier 2 is...oh wait...both sucked. *uses his Vivi plushie to cast Fira on both* <|8)
2) I really enjoyed LoD.  Sure, some of the bosses are a pain. Sure, a few dungeons aren't great.  But I had a ton of fun with it. : )
3) Rhapsody? Never played it. Never seen it in person either. I just can't afford to buy all  the games ;)
4) Well, in a sense, all games can be considered RPGs. Sometimes you just have to draw a line somewhere : )

Okay...who put Crazy Glue in my controller?!

Wouldn't you think that there would be *someone,* a playtester, a programmer, or *someone,* who could have said "You know, I'm only the tiniest, lowest-ranking, pond-scum employee here at Square, but I've noticed that Aya  has roughly the same chance of going the direction I want her to go as of coming to life, stepping out of the TV screen, and helping me score with my girlfriend!"

I mean, it amazes me. I thought the days of unfathomably-terrible play control went out with the old NES.

- Charlie Tangora

I completely agree. PE2's controls really bite. Oh well. I've got about 10 more RPGs in my pile to beat first ;)


is it just me, or is the booklet for rpg maker next to worthless?

You mean "bookLETS". And yes, they are.

Okay... Valkyrie can fly, right? Then why does she have to jump in dungeons?

Because the Story Gods say so, silly.
Yes. Yes it does. As does lasagna. mmm..... <|8~~~~
Oh black mage is frothing at the mouth  :o

Fine, I'll admit it.  I shot the deputy.  Happy?

Yes, yes I am. But 'I' shot the sheriff. Oh darg... *runs*

all I wanna do is zamma zoomzoomzoom shake ya boomboom

Booyah. I'm game.

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I agree. No problem at all. *Delete* *Block Sender*.

Don't you hate pants?

Pants are overrated. I like shorts better.

Feel the wrath of the ultimate-fu of the Anything-Goes school of martial arts... Happo-Fire Burst!

....Ackkk!  I forgot how to do it!

That's nothing compared to my Demi-Demon Dragon Cut Punch, sucker ;)

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The Last Laugh:

Wow, Radisrol sent me a comic! Doo diddily!
Man, that rocks. He actually caught my actual temper, too ;)  (I'm not that bad, I swear :D )
I'll be back again tomorrow with some Canadian goodness, followed by my evil american twin, Rob Hamilton, AKA Chimerasame. Until tomorrow, eh?

Scar "I can't get no...satisfaction!"
One week and I'm home! Booyah!

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