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Googleshng - February 20 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Tonight on the Daily Show, while Lewis Black was ranting and raving, the camera panned passed a rack of Utz potato chips. While more or less restricted to New England, Utz is pretty much the best brand of chips out there. Not only do they make the only party mix I've ever seen where everything actually tastes good, but I've never seen their stuff go stale. I'm guessing they use human souls as a preservitive or something.

Mmmmmmm...... human souls...

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Dear Googleshng,

Based on your glowing recommendations over the past year, I'm interested in picking up and playing Skies of Arcadia. I have a Gamecube and was recently gifted with a used Dreamcast, so I could theoretically play either edition of the game (the Dreamcast version seems to be available via eBay, etc.). I hear that there are subtle differences between the two releases in difficulty and possibly translation but I don't know the details.

Given a choice between the two, would you recommend either edition over the other?

Best and Thanks,

-- Galeran

To my understanding, they didn't change the translation one bit, and they didn't lower the difficulty so much as they added in new stuff leaving you with more money and experience. That and a lower encounter rate. So presumably you're better off with the GC version.

Today? Black letters on a dark background.

Sorry if my orange text hurt your head.... Nobody I've sent E-mail to seemed to be bothered by it. And I didn't really use HTML to make it orange. It's quicker to use the color option on AOL, since the colors I use are featured on it already. Guess I just have to make a mental "No orange for Mr. Google" note to self. Also, I apologize for my long letter. I guess my points were not only to work on graphics, but, as I said later, to make a middle ground between whiny characters and perfect, holy characters - characters with problems that they overcome, thus making them a hero. I do see what you are saying as well- and I really don't know a lot about the actual "design" of video games.
And that is the point to my hopefully-shorter letter- as a beginning video game designer (as in JUST beginning), what is the best way to start? I mean to say, what is the best program to use? I have read a whole lot of background info on game design, but I really haven't been able to do anything yet. I would like to eventually learn to program in C++, but I know a bit of basic. What do I get to actually start?


Yes, there is a serious trend in RPGs for the main character to be either a whiny neurotic loser or a spotless angelic optimist... or more often a whiny neurotic loser who BECOMES a spotless angelic optimist. For that matter, how often do you see any real character development in an RPG besides someone suddenly overcoming all their self-doubting during a special cutscene/boss. I suppose the whole perfect hero or total whiner thing really comes as a side effect of the standard save the world plot. If people dipped into motivations like revenge, or games where the main character is trying to cure himself from some sort of curse, you'd probably see some more diverse personalities. As is though there's not much you can really do besides "I can't save the world! I'm just some spikey haired punk!" and "In the name of all that is good, evildoers must be punished!"

Oh, and I thought I covered the programming question yesterday. Assembly and C++ are the most commonly used languages for creating games.

Woe to the importer.

Why did I pay for Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced and a new Gameboy SP? I hardly know any Japanesse, and Final Fantasy for the Wonderswan kinda killed me (thank you old strategy guide). Sigh, here's to hours of frustration as all my members get toted into jail because I kepy on using abilities that have been banned. Oh well... gogo ADHESIVE MEDICAL STRIPS !!!! whoooo

save me

The whole judge concept of FFTA is rather odd, but a forced and artificial means of making players vary their strategy is better than none. Sucks when importing though I'm sure.


Googleshang, two simple questions,

First, what is it like to suffer from sleep deprivation? Do you sleep during classes at college or what?

Second, do you listen to rock music?

Typed, Huge Dreamer

Sleep deprivation eh? There's a number of steps really. First, you get tired. Then you get really really tired. Then you're suddenly wide awake, hungry, and highly prone to laughter. Then either you spontaniously pass out, or you get a sharp pain in your stomach and the feeling of red hot needles being jammed into your eyes. Then it's back to the wide awake bit and you just keep cycling through until you finally conk out.

As for when I sleep, well, I'm sure SOME people out there have classes between 4 AM and noon, but I never plan to rank amoungst them.

Finally, I don't generally listen to rock, but only because I don't generally listen to any music. For I am The Freak Who Does Not Own A Stereo.

A recommendation

Hey Google.

I haven't played many games in recent, well, months. Anyway, besides Suikoden III, FF X, Wild Arms 3, and Kingdom Hearts what do you think would be a good PS2 RPG for me to give a try? Or, besides RPGs, got any other PS2 games to recommend?

-Mike "Rahlious" White

Shadow Hearts is a good bet if you can find a copy anywhere, and .hack seems to be drawing quite a following, although you might want to wait on that one until you read a review like the one we should be posting this weekend.

Love and Peace... mostly the Love though.

I was sad to see that guy making comments about similarities between the game characters and Vash the Stampeded left out someone. One of my favorite characters from Skies of Arcadia, Gilder, always reminded me of Vash from the anime. Be it the skirt chasing, red coat, or the one special attack where his two guns look just like Vash's one. Well, there's a random thought for you. Have fun with it.

You have a bit of a point there, but I don't want to go and steal Thor's gimmick on him. I mean, I've already stolen most of his other gimmicks, and I'd rather not have people get confused and start calling me Sexypants.

The Last Laugh:

This is the sort of thing I should really be doing on my personal page, but seeing as I can't access it, this will have to do.

NonCon is only a week and a day away, so if anyone out there is close enough to Vassar college and wants to spend 3 days playing Munchkin, demoing weird querky paper RPGs, watching anime, or arguing who would win in a fight between Arthur Dent and Darth Vader with me and a hundred or two other nerds, you might want to go.

Of course, if you were to actually show up at my front door with a gaggle of nerds that'd work too I guess, but this is more practical.

Googleshng "Nilknarf!"

Now let's just home my ride pans out...

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