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Googleshng - February 19 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

So today I check my mail, and there's a letter with the subject "At least reply to me personally." which goes on to swear a blue streak for a half-page long, typo ridden, grammatical eyesore of a paragraph. Now, it would stand to reason that I offended this person in some way. Seeing how the most offensive thing I said yesterday was that I hadn't heard enough about .hack to make me want to rush out and buy it, I'm guessing he's ticked off at me for not printing letters that never reached me.

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You know, it really is a goofy name for a series...

This has been bugging me for a while. I used to know...but now I've gone nuts trying to remember. What is the artists name that made the artwork for Castelvania: Symphony of the Night & Harmony of Dissonance?

~Kevin M. Gardner~

"The Night Summons Like an Unquenched Love, Beckoning with the promise of Dark Desire"

Character designs in recent Castlevania games come courtesy of Ayami "I sure do like Vampire Hunter D" Kojima.

Hasn't this been covered recently?

Heya Google.  I'm about to graduate highschool and am currently looking at colleges.  Now I figured video game guru that you are you might be able to help me out.  I want to work on story boards for a rpg developer but I also want to be familiar with the graphics part.  I know that Digipen is supposed to be the best but it's out of state for me and a bit costly.  So now my question.  1.  What do most creators go to college for?  2.  What do you suggest majoring in (for my position specifically)?  3.  And once I graduate is it going to be a hard field to get a good start in?  Thanx in advance.

                                                                         ~Lawst in Space~

If I've said this once I've said it a thousand times: If you'd like to be hired by a big name RPG development team to write stories for their games, give up on that right now. They already have plenty of people to do it, almost definitely the people who formed the teams in question.

Now, that little forward out of the way, I would recommend you take some creative writing classes, classes in computer graphics, and some programming, with an emphasis on assembly. If you really have some great ideas for games, find some people who love programming, composing music and so forth, and who also want to make games, and start cranking one out. If it's actually good, there's decent odds you can find a publisher for it and actually get into the industry.

Vaporware sucks, does it not?

You probably get this question a million times, but here it is again: What ever happened to Fire Emblem: Sword of the Seals coming to the States? I have yet to hear anything about it, and now that Fire Emblem: Sword of the Blazing Flames has been announced for Japan, does this mean that our hopes of getting FE VI are completely dashed? I've tried contacting the "Big N", but you know how they are with telling people about release dates and all ::rolls eyes::. Got any promising info that'll keep all FE enthusiasts hopeful here in the US?



At this point in time, I don't believe Nintendo has any plans to bring any Fire Emblem games over here. Good sales figures for games like Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis, FFTA, and Advance Wars are pretty much the requirement for getting one in the future I'd guess. Dollar votes and all that.

One man's trash...

Do you of a site that lists sales figures for games, RPGs and non-RPGs, in the US and Japan? I know of Degenki online, but that's in Japanese and only for Japan. Gotta any clue on this?

I know a good number of game retailers will list the top ten best selling games for a given time frame and so forth, and most publishers keep their figures on the record, but I don't believe there's a site out there with a complete historical archive of game sales figures.

Also, are you seriously saying that out of great PS2 RPGs such as Shadow Hearts, Wild Arms 3, Suikoden 3, Legend of Legaia 2, Summoner 2, FFX, Kingdom Hearts, .hack (+ Deus Ex now) you wouldn't recommend more than two of those? Not to mention the upcoming Breath of Fire V, Dark Cloud 2, and Xenosaga man. You can't say anything for a game you haven't played yet, but you know Xenosaga is going to change our lives. Mine at least. And also, you got some less stellar, though intricate for some RPGs the likes of Okage: Shadow King, Forever Kingdom, Dark Cloud, Ephemeral Fantasia, Tsugunai, and more. Some people like them. So you see, the PS2 does have a good couple RPGs. Can't say the same for the 'Cube or the 'Box at this moment.


OK, first off, I can't recommend a game to someone that I've never played. That rules out a good chunk of what you mentioned there, particularly those games which aren't out yet. There's a good number of games of course for any system that are absolutely great but only appeal to certain kinds of people, so I wouldn't recommend those to everyone. The number of recent RPG releases with a truly UNIVERSAL appeal is honestly pretty low at the moment. Now, to any given person, if I knew their exact tastes, I could add a lot to my list of recommendations I'm sure.

My eyes!

             Somebody sent in a letter about linear RPGs for PS2. I totally agree. I think the problem is, people think that new technology = better graphics. NO NO NO! New technology should be for cool things! For instance, what if there was an RPG where every townsperson had individual statistics and could eventually fight with you depending on how you treated them? I'm talking EVERYBODY- innkeepers, the kid running around in circles who only says one thing (geez I hate those)- everybody. And this does not mean, "only three townspeople." Sure, it would be a challenge. Sure, it may not seem "plausible." But, hey, look at the CG animation from the PSX games... now look at the CG animation from the PS2 games. Now look at pong. Catch my drift?
Woah... Talk about an essay. I ought to make that my next english paper!

                                           D'oh! My english paper!


There were another good 5 paragraphs to this, but Ewcoolio here used the wonders of HTML to make the text of his letter bright orange, and was rather headache enducing. That and the main point is already made up top here.

There IS an RPG out there where you can get in fights with random townspeople. It's called Ultima. It had a truckload of sequels. It's the first non-paper RPG ever made. It ran on Apple IIs, which are amazingly underpowered by today's standards. Faster processors have no real effect on anything but the ability to make better graphics... and sound to a lesser extent I suppose. The only way your argument has merit is the possibility that a given developer might decide it isn't worth the effort to provide new and exciting gameplay when games are selling just fine based on flashy graphics. Most developers aren't quite that jaded though, so I wouldn't freak out yet.


Have you noticed that Clive (Wild Arms 3), Auron (FFX), Dante (Devil May Cry), and Vash (Trigun) are all wearing red coats. Auron, Vash, and Clive even have similar style glasses. Three of them also use guns as a weapon.


Uh, lots of people in lots of things wear red coats (and Clive from WA3 isn't one of them, that's brown). I fail to see your point here.


Conan O' Brian is the friggin man.

Gotta love those Hanes Tagless shirts too.


Very few things are as funny as seeing Mr. T in liederhosen singing German folk songs.

Help in confirming a theory I have:

Does the name "Nash Tryst" mean anything to you?

Hmm... nope.

Perhaps you can answer me this. How is it people complain about .hack's graphics, while Suikoden 3, with one of the poorest visual presentations in an RPG since Hidden Invasion, wins RPGamer's Best Graphics award?


I'd hazzard a guess that these people don't agree with you, either as a matter of taste, or just never seeing a game with better graphics than Suik 3.

The Last Laugh:

I'll save people the trouble of sending in the quicky tomorrow.

Googleshng "The redcoats are coming! The redcoats are coming!"

Earlier I overheard some people looking for a picture of their friend's bare chest on the internet.

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