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Justin Weiss - December 22 '01- 5:00 Eastern Standard Time

My first time doing Q&A and I have such a limited selection of letters to choose from! At least the ones I did get were good. Well, except for the spam. Anyway, some of you may remember my name from when I was a newsie here; I've since graduated to the head of the department. Now I do more behind-the-scenes work, proofing articles, checking links, things like that. But enough about me, on to the letters!

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Twenty Questions

So how is it being in charge of one of the sections of RPGamer? Got any tips for people trying to apply?

Being in charge of news hasn't been too much different than being a normal part of news, except for the fact that I have to make a good deal more decisions than I did as a normal newsie. Either way, I've gotten to meet a lot of interesting people that I wouldn't have gotten the chance to meet otherwise. As for people seeking a job, I can't speak for departments other than mine, but I've always looked for strong writing skills, knowledge of games and the gaming industry in general, and experience in a similar field.

What are some good new GBA games? Haven't heard anything about that recently, need to give the little wonder some love.

Ah, the GBA... for some reason I really like that little system. The most recent games I've picked up for it were Mario Kart: Super Circuit and Golden Sun, both of which I found to be extremely good. I've heard good things about Advance Wars, and I'll probably pick that up with whatever I have left after the holidays. If you're a Doom fan, I've heard the GBA conversion was handled really well. If you had to pick just one, however, I'd say Golden Sun would be your best bet.

What do you have planned for the holidays?

David Looney

I'm gonna do what I do just about every year: Open presents on Christmas morning with my immediate family, then drive up to Lake Forest to meet my extended family for a huge dinner. It always ends up being a lot of fun, and is a great time to see everyone that I've missed at other family get-togethers.

Well, if it's not a personal question...

Greetings, Justin. Cool name, that. Anyway, here's some questions:

1) Are you playing any RPGs right now? Which ones?

Yep, sure am. I'm about 11 hours into Golden Sun, and enjoying every minute of it. For some reason I keep playing through Deus Ex (which I'm including because it does have RPG elements), so I'm always in the middle of a game of that. I'm about halfway through Dragon Warrior III, and a friend of mine and I are going to start a game of Final Fantasy X after Christmas... we're gonna try to beat it before we leave for school again.

2) Do you have a favorite RPG or favorite RPGs?

I'll have to go with the masses on this one and say Chrono Trigger... It's just one of those games that makes me happy whenever I play it. Apart from that, I'm partial to Xenogears (though it could have benefitted from some extra editing), Deus Ex, A Link to the Past, and Chrono Cross. I'm really becoming fond of the Dragon Warrior remakes as well, since I never played III or IV for the NES.

3) Do you watch Anime? What's your favorite series?

Justin Seil

I'm not a huge Anime fan, though I've been known to watch good series from time to time -- that being said, I've grown fond of Evangelion, Escaflowne, Trigun, and Macross Plus. I have a few friends that are bigger fans than I, so they help weed out the bad stuff.

Bridge of Death

Greetings (carolers sing) THE VOR-TEX
I have to know who you are.
1. What is your quest?

I seek the level of the last secret character in Super Smash Bros.: Melee. After fighting him in it, I figure it's too cool NOT to have.

2. What is your favorite color?

Red. Though I could be lying. You'd never know until I'm thrown off the bridge.

3. What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Imperial Mog

It depends. Does it travel faster before or after it's sucked through the jet engine?


No Quickies Today

Maybe Next Time

The Last Laugh:

Well, for the first time hosting Q&A, a light letter load might actually have been beneficial -- Otherwise, I'd be up all night! As it is, most of the people have fallen asleep for the evening, so I'll most likely be back tomorrow. Just to shake things up, I'm gonna throw a topic out there -- Guilty Pleasures. Has there been an RPG (or any game, for that matter) that you've liked that everyone else has panned? Maybe you can help other people understand why that particular game is worth playing.

Until next time,

thevortex "Not Ready for Prime Time "
Four players, Pokémon Stadium, all Jigglypuff, each player knowing the "Sleep" nearly-instant-kill attack. Hilarity ensues.

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