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Gin'irochi - September 24 '00- 22:10 Eastern Daylight Time

Yeehaw. It's definitely a monday... I can already feel the headache coming, and the pain of various professors yelling at me for the lack of work I've done. Whee! Oh well. Anyway, everyone must take care to remember that Google is coming back next week. Until then, Scarmilgion (Rob Parton) and Chimerasame (Rob Hamilton) are going to be trading off this week. Anyway, on for some Q&A goodness.

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Strider 2
Mmmm... Platformer goodness. (I'm allowed to take RPG breaks once in awhile!)
Sticky Fingers??

Gin "Sticky fingers" Irochi

I got some questions...

1) What are YOUR opinions on Secret of Evermore. Everyone seems to think it's crap because it's American. (Thanks for the vote of confidence!)
2) Have you played Legend of Mana? Is it good? I've been debating about getting it. (Hey, that's two questions)
4) If you could destroy one country, what would it be and why?
5) If you had $200 and the Game Cube, PS2, Dreamcast, and Sega Saturn were $150, which would you get and why?
6) Ever seen Rurouni Kenshin? It's the Shizznat. (.... Shizznat?)
7) How does RPG Maker for the PS work? Memory consumption? Battle system? (Wow, that one was three)
10) Are you a star now in the dope show?
11) Does Goog giggle when you touch him, or does he just collapse like my cat.

-Magus Darkstar-

1) Dunno. Never played it.
2) Yeah, I've played it. It was fun, but it got old after the first time through.
4) (Whats up with the numbering, anyway??) Classified, sorry.
5) I'd buy a Saturn, because I was stupid and sold mine. I already have a Dreamcast, andI'm going to wait on the PS2 and StarCube.
6) Nope.
7) Don't really know. Try asking Scar tomorrow.
10) dope is bad. It makes you all hurkey jerky and stuff... yeah.
11) Only when you poke his belly. He's a jolly little slime boy!

Chrono Stuff

1. Why is Harle so cool?
2. is it true that when you start+ your game you can get all your charecters back that you once had?
3. Can you get Harle back on your 1st play?
4. Where the hell did Spekko go?

please help me!!!

1) She's a clown. You can't get cooler than that.
2) Yeah, they're stored away into memory. Later on in the game, you can get them back by using the Chrono Cross.
3) No
4) Bathroom break.

Woah, buddy...

Gin, help!

I just got bought a used copy of Xenogears for some 47 bucks from, and the game stopped working after a certain point! (When Sig says something like, "I'm going to show you the power of our new Yggdrasil II!" The world map never loads up.)

I've tried cleaning the game and the PSX lens, but it still doesn't work. I'm also using the PSX-laid-on-its-side strategy for getting it to read right. It still doesn't work.

What should I do?
Ramrod Zombie

Sounds like you may have gotten a faulty disc. My advice is to see if you can return it. If not... well, you got screwed. Sorry.

Same old song and dance


I beleive that many people knocked Rhapsody without playing it because it looked so cute. In the day where big ol' FMV scenes with the most life-like breasts are what draws crowds, the simple tale of a young girl looking for love isn't appreciated on a wide scale. So, who're your favorite three puppets? It's got to be Tell, the first one, and L-kun here...


See, I'm a sucker for that "love" crap, so I like that game. Plus the dialogue is a hoot. Atlus really did a good job inserting witty lines and such. I really thought that this title was on par with Working Designs in terms of localization.

Breath of Fire - Like me after a nice plate of Chinese food.

Hey Gin-and-Tonic!

After seeing RPGamer's Breath of Fire 4 intro movie, and after being amazed by it, I got to thinking. While it's probably third on my list after Lunar 2 and FF9, do you think that there will be more cut scenes added to the last PS installment of Capcom's great series? I'm still a bit miffed at how Wild ARMS 2 promised more cut scenes but only had about 5 total, and I'm not sure weather or not I should get my hopes up for this game too. Have you guys found anything more out about it?

As for Wild Arms 2, there actually WAS a lot more FMV in the sequel. WA only had one FMV that I knew of, and that was the opening. However, I never beat that game, so I don't know if the end was a cutscene. As for Breath of Fire 4, if we don't have it, we don't know it. We try to keep our coverage as current as possible. I should know - I was a former newsie. ;) And Im waiting rather impatiently for the game myself. I love BOF3...


In the old days, the control were O for accept and X for cancel in RPG. Now over the last year, the control is O for cancel and X for accept. This has been driving me nuts. Now I had a hard time playing FFA and Threads of Fate beause there is no way to change the control. You won't happen to know any way to slove this problem(gameshark code maybe)?

Actually, the reason a few of Square's early games were like that is because in japan, most games use the O button for accept, whereas most North American games use X. And so, they left it the same for a few games, then changed it. As for a way to change the configuration I don't know of a way, and I really dont think there is one. Sorry.


my toster makes my bread brown, warm and yummy... wait no, that's just my hand Doodle- i like rice too

Toasty! ( What was that guy's name, anyway...? )

Dear Gin, F, Q, R, N, Q, Z and Q again. - sincerely webrunner

P.S. You said you wanted letters.

...... *insert glare here*

Shower scene?! *Express orders PE2*

Woah, there! Calm down captain hormone! You're gonna give yourself a hernia if you keep bugging your eyes out that much...

If the meaning of life, the universe and everything is 42, why are there pretzels?

Because pretzels are the grand daddy of Pocky. And we all know that pocky is Satan's spawn. So... very... addicting... need more...

Just really quick....... (*answer me, answer me!!!*), how many endings are in CC? And what does the Relief Charm do? I think mine's broken.....

I belive there are 10. As for the relief charm, it lets you put a character in place of Serge to fight in battles.

Wha......?! The hell? Weren't half of the letters from yesterday printed the day before? Or did I drink from the wrong cup again? Christoph-At least everything isn't green again...

No, you drank from the right cup, but that sure ain't tobbacco you're smokin'...

There was blood and a single gunshot but just who shot who?

Another Barry Manilow fan! Woohoo!

Which is better, Beefaroni or Beefagetti?

Well, I've never had (or seen) beefagetti, so I'll have to go with Beefaroni.

Why won't you answer my question?

-Billy Ho

What? Speak up, son... I can't hear you.

The Last Laugh:

Don't forget, you're sending your letters to Scar tomorrow. He's a good buddy of mine, so be nice! I've got my work cut out for me, as I'm going to be starting my internship for my CCNA credits, so we'll see how next weekend goes. And once again. Google WILL be back next week. Later!

Gin "What's your man got to do with me?"
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