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Gin'irochi - September 24 '00- 21:53 Eastern Daylight Time

Man, I just got off the phone with a telemarketer trying to sell me Acne cream. Why is this unusual? .... She tried to sell it to me for nearly a half hour. :P Anyway, after I finally severed the phone that had been melded to my ear from the hot air spewing forth from the earpiece, I donned my cap of cappy cappiness (Otherwise known as the "Thinking Cap") and prepared to do the column. Well... *nods in a sage type manner, but not sagely because Paws has a patent on that* On with the column!

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What the hell is up with that hat, anyway??
Hey, this is simple to answer...

Hey Gin!

I remember last week you were looking for a gimmick. I have a GREAT idea. You could be the first Q&A host to have a co-host.

I remember the Circle of the Sages back in the day, and how it was kinda' lame, but if it were two people, it'd be kinda' fun.

I could be the Andy Richter to your Conan, or the Jimmy Kimmel to your Ben Stein, or the Kathy Lee to your Regis, or... well, it goes on. What do you think? Gin'Irochi and Mini'rochi! I'd change my name for you. We'd have fun.


Signed, Richard M. Nixon
The "M" is for "Mojo"

Lemme think about th-- No

A Question Approaches! Command?

Hey, Gin!

I think I've been drinking a bit too much of you lately. Tee hee. I'm not quite dead yet. Anyways, I was wondering what jobs you used in FF5, I'm building ABP, and don't know what I should get. And secondly, what do you think of the name changes in DW 1 for GBC? Loto instead of Erdrick? Lora instead of Gwaelin? Tantegal instead of Brecconary?!? Tantagel was the castle, for crying out loud... (sobs into original DW 1 instruction book)

Basically, the Job system of FF5 is supposed to make you think about how you want to structure your party, and make your decisions based upon need and strategy. Just use the ABP on what you feel you need.

As for the DW changes, I wasn't aware that the changes were taking place... but, I think I'll have to don my Erdrick's armor and Sword and smite unto thee, Enix! ... On second thought, maybe it wont be so bad. :P

Woah, buddy...

Is it just me, or does Chrono Cross get increasingly trippy as time goes on? Think about it. There's that whole "playing through the opening again" thing, which really weirded me out, then there's the Temporal Vortex, which looks like a refugee from the set of "What Dreams May Come", then people start walking on the walls, then it suddenly turns into an Escher painting. And after all that, you end up walking on waves that ignore the laws of gravity. I tell you, not a good thing to play when you're tired. Really odd dreams.

Uh... maybe you ought to keep various illegal substances out of your system for awhile. Youy may find the trippiness fading after time...
Walking on the walls? What in the hell?! A Word of advice, kids: Dont turn your TV on it's side when you play games, OK?

Elders Playing Bridge?

Hey Ginny,

I'm gonna miss Google... he was a great columnist. ::ducks from oncoming bullets:: Just kidding! =P Hey, I just read RPGamer's Parasite Eve 2 review... I'm just wondering, do you agree with it? I think it was a little harsh... I mean, it's nowhere NEAR as good as PE 1 and absolutely nothing after the God RPG they call Chrono Cross, BUT... I think it's still pretty good. In fact, if it weren't for the shoddy RE controls it would be really good, except for the crappy music which is a big downer after Yoko Shimomura's awesome score for PE 1. But RPGamer's review states the PE 2 isn't scary, and maybe I'm trying too hard, but I'm scared shitless when I play PE 2... especially Dryfield at night. =P Anyway, what do you think?

Oh yeah. And one more thing I must say: Yasunori Mitsuda is the god of music, there is no other way to put it. Mitsuda simply is perfect. :P

- Ranma, the Self Proclaimed Chrono Guru

Not only did you call me Ginny, you also complained about Google leaving. "10,000 deaths are not enough for you!" :P

Anyway, as for PE2, I don't think it's a bad game, but I do think it could use some MAJOR improvements. But, you have to give Square credit for trying something new, and taking a fresh approach to gaming. However, we must then take the credit away for that horrid control scheme. Yet then, we need to give them brownie points for the shower scene. 2 words: Hell yeah. :P

I have a complaint about the pronunciation section here. Paws says that the pronunciation of Xenogears is 'Zeeno Gears'. But I have proof that it's not. If you put in the demo disc that came with Parasite Eve 1, and pick the Xenogears demo, a preview movie will play before the actual demo begins. During the beginning of the preview movie, there are vocals and they speak the word Xenogears and they pronounce the word, 'Zeno Gears'. They actually say it many times. I wanted to announce this because I can't stand when people pronounce it 'Zeeno Gears'. I don't know Paws' email address so please tell her about this. Oh, and if you don't believe me just play that demo and see for yourself.

Actually, Paws and I have argued many a time about that one. 'Xeno' is a latin word, pronounced "Zeno", and that Demo Disc proves it. ;) I asked the latin professor at my school the pronounciation of "Xenogears" and he came through with "zeno geers." Don't bitch at me if you disagree, please. :P

Gin'irochi's IQ: ???/??? (So low it can't be rated. :P )


Oh crappity crap crap I look like an idiot. At least everyone ELSE could enjoy their idiociy in animosity, but I Had to make a stupid comic about Goog leaving. Now everyone knows the truth, I can't read, I have my friend write for me. Okay, kidding about that, but I still feel like an idiot *wipes a tear away as I'm handed the Darwin award*

-Radrisol- At least it was a funny comic...

I had to print this for the sake of Rad's sanity/pride. ;) Anyway, It'd help if people took a bit more time to actually read the intro. It isn't always crap... well... yeah it is, but sometimes it isn't.


AUHHGG!! NOOOOO! S-subliminal m-messages!! *goes into a Cloud-esque seizer*

Seizer? Oh, Siesure... Subliminal messages? What subliminal messages? O:) Bow to me, Minions of earth!!

Who blew a kiss to Dr. Kadowaki?!

I did. I'm not responsible for my actions when drunk.

rain in Chicago+more rain in Chicago=flooded basement grrr........ -Kamikaze

Wow. That's almost as bad as
Thunder + lightning + Gin's House = No more videogames. :(

Fine then, be that way!

I think I will!

Just really quick....... (*answer me, answer me!!!*), how many endings are in CC? And what does the Relief Charm do? I think mine's broken.....

I belive there are 10. As for the relief charm, it lets you put a character in place of Serge to fight in battles.

"Wow. that's freakin' huge!"

Heheheh... you said *gets punched in the face*

Zohar Gilboa

Damn hoodlums with their minds in the gutter...

Ooh! I want Goog's job! I wanna be RPGuru! Gimme gimme gim- Oh, wait. He's just gone for one week. Dang. Never mind then.

-Urban Zombie -I'm a Coffee Achiever, Sam!

Finally, someone who reads the freakin' intro's! :P

Oh my God!Someone besides me has Rhapsody! I thought everyone avoided it like the plague. Aoshi19

To be honest, I don't see why no one likes it. It isn't THAT bad.

Here's one seen on a Swedish chainsaw:

Do not stop with hands or genitals.

Either way, that would hurt. A lot.

The Last Laugh:

Weehaw! Another Q&A session has come to a close. I'll be back tomorrow. Oh, by the way... save all your RPG Maker PSX questions for Scar. He has the game and he'll be guesthosting for a few days while google takes his hiatus.

Gin "At the Copa, Copacabana"
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