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Gin'irochi - September 23 '00- 21:52 Eastern Daylight Time

O kay, I guess you guys missed something rather important....

You see, Google isn't leaving permanantly - he's only taking a weeks vacation! :P Bet you feel silly now... but he did say he'd only be gone a week. ;) Oh well. There's a pretty decent batch of letters, today. I'm very happy. :) Oh, and I got a couple new games, too... Rhapsody and PE2. I must say, I'm a bit disappointed. ( ROAR ) But anyway. On with ye olde column!

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Socialism is the actual concept created by Marx, communism is the warped dictator version. As to if it would work. Marx's theory was heavily routed in the fact that he felt corporations would take over the world. i.e., there would be a microsoft in every area of business, except these corporations would be stronger and repress the people's rights and the people would rise up. This never occurred in our capitalist society, hence why socialism never took hold. Instead power hungry men took over a few country's in the name of the philosophy.

Oh yeah, RPG related stuff. Ummm Dragon Quest III coming out, YES!! When is Dragon Quest VII coming out in the Union? Oh and I was disappointed with the ending of Chrono Cross. It seems to me as they ran out of ideas and just tossed together a few things and then rushed it to boot. Well, regardless its an awesome. But, it could have been the BEST EVER!!! ::sigh::

- Kevin "the union!? is this the civil war?" MacTiernan

Uh... Actually, Marxism is the idea that Marx came up with. Socialism is a modified Marxism, and Communism is extreme socialism. (Go Economics class, oh yeah!)
Actually, there are a lot of socialist reforms in the USA's economy. Take Social Securities and welfare. They are "Social Services" after all. (Think hard now)

Uh? The Union? Well, that would really depend on where the hell the "union" is. :P I'm gonna assume you're speaking of somewhere in Europe (if not the European union or some such thinng), for which I'm going to say I really don't know. It's very possble there may not be a European release. As for a North American release, it's coming sometime in 2001.

Miscellaneous Q's, and MINOR CC SPOILERS

Hey, Gin! Couple of questions.

1. Any way to get Harle back in CC on your first time through?

2. I chose to go on the "don't care about Kid" path, getting Macha and Glenn. But no Astral Amulet. Do I get it once Kid (I assume) recovers?

3. Don'tCHA just hate how many characters do that in CC ?

4. According to the releases, RPGMaker came out on the 19th. When does it really come out?

5. Why guns on one's arm? If your technology is that good, why not just get...a new arm!!!

6. If you were a couch, what type of fabric would you be made of?

Justin " Android 17, you smurf!! " Harwood

1. - No
2. - Yes
3.- No
4. - The 18th.
5. - ... Good point. Allthough, it brings new meaning to "shooting heroin" to have a gun for a hand.
6. - Pleather. Definitely. (No, not a typo... Pleather indeed.)

Heh. Easiest set of answers I've given so far. ;)


Hi Gin.

About the Xenogears tracks mentioned in yesterday's column, "Light from the Netherworld" is the music that plays during the opening video and "Stars of Tears" is the overworld music (I know this is obvious, but just because the game song isn't singed doesn't mean it was cut).

The Spoony Hou

Actually, that's untrue. I own the OST, and the Overworld theme is called "Emotion." Stars of Tears is actually the original opening theme for an opening FMV that is actually on the disc, but I guess was never linked in the final product. However, I have seen it through the wonders that is the Debug room. (You need a gameshark to get there. See the GSCCC for more info.) Anyway, that is true that the theme in the actual opening video was called "Light from the Netherworld." Good Tune...

Elders Playing Bridge?

Hey Gin,

What do you think the purpose of the Eldridge in Xenogears is? A ship large enough to have enough population growth to never have to refill while populating entire planets across a many lightyear swath to Earth level? Just a really , really excessive designer? Think about that last one; the Eldridge , a civilian ship , clearly had the firepower to destroy worlds in minutes. And then they built Deus afterwords. Weird , huh? I'd hate to think what that government's next big project is.........or why they need that kind of stuff.

The Ranma 1/2 quote in the quickie from yesterday's Q&A is from the episode where Akane sews girl-repellent into Happosai's uniform.

Too bad about Google leaving , he was a great Q&A guy. Who's the longest lasting RPGamer employee in any catagory?



Actually, the Eldridge was a military transport ship. It was transporting Deus under the guise of a civilian ship, but...

Anyway, like I said, google isn't really leaving. He's only taking a vacation.

Chrono Cross Tips
In the "Final Battle" if you cast the six elemets in order it actually does >stop< TD from performing any actions, so you have plenty of time to use Chrono Cross.. course, if yer smart you have it on level 1 anywy so you just need a litle Stamina.

Hmm. Yep, it's true. He freezes while you use the various elements. My strategy is to make sure all of my party members are at Lv. 8 before they start the element chain, and I only use lv 1 Elements when I can help it. It works, trust me.

Gin'irochi's IQ: ???/??? (So low it can't be rated. :P )

Hey Gin, wassup?

Anyway since that Goog guy won't answer me, I wanted to ask you a simple question about CC. I assume you've beaten it. You know how for enemy hp it says ???/???, well do you get to see their actual hp on a new game+ or is that for some info-element I haven't found yet?

Thanks, Punko

Actually, there's a "sense"" type element that will reveal the monster's HP count. It's called "InfoScope," and you can buy it later in the game. This doesn't work on Bosses, from what I've seen in my experiences.


I miss Google. *Cries insufferably*

Yeesh, he isn't gonna be gone THAT long....

Who blew a kiss to Dr. Kadowaki?!

I did. I'm not responsible for my actions when drunk.

Put it simply. Chrono Cross is destroying what was my biological clock. Does our sun have craters or something? Perhaps games should come with warning labels - "Not responsible for overplaying and skipping class"

I feel your pain... but I'm addicted to something different, yet similar at the same time. It's called "sleep." Mabe you've hea-- Zzzzz.....

Why can't I come up with any logical questions? Aoshi19

The same reason why I can't think of any logical answers for that non-existant logical question (which may be an if-then statement. Who knows?)

Here's another one thanks to bad translation:

Warning Label for Knife: Keep out of children.

Oops, looks like Johnny has stuck the Ginsu knife in his head AGAIN, Mom!

Heh. that's amusing. ER! No, that's BAD! Children being hurt is BAD! VERY BA- Oh, hell. Ha ha!

Arein date with Shampoo, yes? Get nannichuan packet!

You know, I always wondered what brand Shampoo carried...

Ooh! I want Goog's job! I wanna be RPGuru! Gimme gimme gim- Oh, wait. He's just gone for one week. Dang. Never mind then.

-Urban Zombie -I'm a Coffee Achiever, Sam!

Finally, someone who reads the freakin' intro's! :P

I like Rice

Who keeps sending this, anyway?

<sleepwalking> eyes... closing... *bonk* </sleepwalking> - oi! who put that banana there?

Dug Stokes

heh heh heh... he siad "bananna"

The Last Laugh:

Well, there you have it. Another night of Q&A comes to a close... And just to drive the point home, Google IS NOT quitting. He's just taking a much earned and needed vacation. Anyway, the weekend will be me as usual, then Scar for a couple of days, then Chimerasame(Rob Hamilton) closing up the week.... then me again. Fun fun. Radrisol made this comic for Google's "Going Away" deal.

Wow. that's freakin' huge! :P Anyway. Sorry it's so big. You'll have to deal. Thanks, Rad... good to see people care when a Q&A host calls it quits. Well, looks like I'll be doing so for tonight. Gimmie those letters for tomorrow!

Gin "Yawn"
Mmmm... Happy Pills

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