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If you see Ted Woosley, punch him in the gut and scream "SHADOW MADNESS" really loud.

Done and done!

""(SNIPPED BECAUSE GAME STOP HAS NO DECENT OLD GAMES)"" I'll kill you! Funcoland has some decent old games and that's owned by Gamestop! ~rudyxx

Alright, you got me. I actually cut your letter because you attempted to plug that stupid 10% off deal GameStop has, and I hates the GameStop, because none of them will hire me.

I would like to known when Grandia xtreme will be out in the UK? Every retail outlet I ask they did't have the information if you do find out could you e-mail me.


Thank you

Perhaps I havenít made this clear. I do not live in the United Kingdoms, nor do I give a damn about when you people are getting games. If you are that interested in Grandia Xtreme, then import it.

The Final Grumble:

Hey guys, we do have a great E3 preview area. Check it out and write in about games youíre looking forward too. Now, back to Lufia...

Andrew "I still love you Atlus!" Duff

0_o The main hero doesn't have read hair?! BLASPHEMY!

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