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  Title: Plushie... thing
Game(s): Final Fantasy XIII
Characters: Fang
Medium: Fingerpainting with Sketchbook mobile + Paint.NET
Fan Art  
Download: [Download (304.27k)]
Comment: Just for kicks, I attempted drawing and coloring fanart on the iTouch. Background was added via PC, because I'm so not gonna draw wood on that tiny li'l screen. It was supposed to be a plushie, oh well. Enjoy?
  Title: Fang and baby Lightning
Game(s): Final Fantasy XIII
Characters: Fang, Lightning
Medium: Digital
Fan Art Featured Submission
Download: [Download (167.45k)]
Comment: There used to be this FFVII Sephiroth fanpage that had a fanart featuring Sephiroth holding a baby Cloud. I had a weird inspiration to do a piece similar to it so I 'updated' it and decided to feature Fang and Lightning for no reason. Since Fang is technically the oldest character in the game, Lightning woulda been an infant compared to her (although Hope's much younger but I didn't like him in-game so that's why I used Lightning instead).


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